The Vivian dress is an elegant evening dress. The deep midnight blue colour of the matching chiffon, satin and polyester create an impact with the simplicity of the design


Navy Vivian Dress

  • Vivian dress is a polyester crepe dress with chiffon sleeves, made in the colour of midnight navy. The chiffon sleeves are sewn with a circular ruffle and trimmed with a navy satin. These beautiful sleeves form the emphasis of the dress

    The dress has a boat neckline at the front and the back. The dress has 4 classic darts to give the wearer an hourglass shape. The midnight navy satin belt cinches in the waistline and ties in a half bow for an elegant look.

    the skirt can be customized with the following options

    Tapered as shown, a-line(see Jackie O), flared(see Ingalese dress)

    Circular(see Iris dress)

    An evening dress for a woman with a classic/ romantic style
    A dress for the modern day Vivian at a wedding or social event........