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  • A Curated Wardrobe and Style Album

    With the Stay at Home Orders in place, lets make use of this time for a Wardrobe Pre-Spring Clean We start with One by one analysis of your wardrobe: divide your pieces into 3 sections and a call to action plan. Look at each piece and determine The Keepers: if you love it, have worn it, still want to wear it Or (can’t bear to part with it) Needing Maintenance: Sort your pieces in terms of need of repair/alteration or clean For Donations: sort your pieces in this section that you cannot wear, need or wish to donate to Charity or Friends Follow through to action and return to your wardrobe the pieces to restore, clean, repair or donate 2. Sort By Colour: Now the fun part, time to organise a visual. Sort your keepers in your wardrobe ( just like having your personal boutique) Arrange the pieces from light colours to the darkest on your hanging space with coat hangers. Beautiful coat hangers also are helpful, small hangers for dresses and wide shoulder coat hangers for jackets/coats, clip hangers for skirts and pants, with satin padded coat hangers for knits or delicate evening wear. Please place very precious pieces in a garment bags If you have shelves sort your knits folded, shoes and handbags again according from light to dark colours. Now you can see a clear vision of your whole collection of accessories at a quick glance. Tissue helps inbetween knits and in bags and shoes to maintain shapes I prefer to fold my out of season Pieces of jeans, trousers, joggers pants or shorts, pjs and swim wear/undergarment and lingerie folded in drawers. As the new season is running, I switch the current pieces to clip hangers or on visual shelves. Jewellery, hats and makeup are also part of your look so do a similar sort of these also Repair and clean the ready to wear Keepers. Please press with an ironing cloth or iron inside out; take care of the your financial investment of Keepers Busy, Busy Busy little bee. Make use of this time because having your wardrobe space organised is important. We do not want to be wasting precious time getting Stylishly dressed when there is no time to spare 3. Organising Your looks in a Style Album for your Curated Wardrobe Depending on your life-style decide on how many category looks you want to work on. I can think of 4 categories at the moment. Casual weekend or work wear Monday to Friday or special occasion or lounge (3-7 days a week) Now get dressed with some looks try out some co-ordinated looks. When you like what you see or feel confident in your outfit, take a photo for your Style Album E.g.I would take a photo of: my taupe jacket with my white trousers and melange blue tee-shirt worn with my taupe shoes and taupe leather bag. I wear minimal jewellery so Costume jewellery Gold earrings with my favourite scarf around my handbag in blue and pink tone works for my style personality. I would also carry my favourite Designer Face Mask in my pocket or handbag At least 8 looks for each category is needed with photos and print the photos of the looks that you love. The looks should portray the correct message/image that you want to send to the world (and make you feel great). Lets work with what pieces we have first They say “A picture speaks a Thousand words” When you like what you see in the mirror or photo, file them in your Style Album. Preserve your work on clear foolscap covers You now have a quick reference tool what works for you for social weekends, work, special occasions or lounging at home Draw up a column at the back of the photo of your Style Album recording of the time, place and the occasion you wore the looks. This is a great way to record when and with whom you wore the look. Don’t repeat the look, with same friends, family or business contacts too often; a definite fashion faux-par Start a collage of looks or trends that you see in magazines, social media, TV or from friends and family (they have good ideas too) for inspiration Busy, Busy, Busy little bee continue with this very important work, that needs sorting 4. Shopping for a updated Wardrobe Plan for your Style Album Create a Wish list file of pieces that need replacing or "something" that you may wish to buy. This process is guaranteed to get you motived with new ideas. You will discover your unique eye for style. Give it a GO! Budget and Plan your shopping list of New must haves… do I need to say anything more Taking measurements: I apologise for writing this, but it might be a good idea to take your measurements (bust, waist and hips) because all manufacturers have different notions of size 8 to size 16 should look like! New pics for your Style Album; after you have made some new investment purchases, you are set for more ideas and quick tips for your unique Style Busy, Busy, Busy little bee, stay safe, stay calm and kind If I think of anythings else, I will let you know and please let me know of your tips for a great Curated Wardrobe and Style Album By Filomena Natale Sydney If you like to view our website please go to

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  • Filomena Natale Sydney |classic work dresses| evening dress |Sydney

    Bianca shirt dress Filomena Natale Sydney Sonya dress Bianca shirt dress 1/12 Classic Work-wear & Romantic Evening Wear Shop All Collections Explore Core Capsule Designer Day Wear Designer Face Masks Going To a wedding? ​ Shop Evening Wear Shop Accessories Finish your Look! Must have classics never go out of style Bow tie top with long sleeves at the empire line: Tango Top AU$165.00 Price View Details Apron-wrap dress with 2 option cross-over: the Vespa dress AU$189.00 Price View Details Shop Work-Wear Linen shift-dress with side splits and v-neckline: Donna dress AU$199.00 Price View Details Be the first to learn about the latest trends and receive your Intro Offer of 15%off RRP from your first purchase when you, sign up to our mailing list Join our mailing list Never miss an update arrow&v Subscribe Now

  • New Arrivals | Filomena Natale Sydney | Check out the latest Collections

    NEW ARRIVALS This category showcases the new arrivals ​ ​ Go to this page to fast-track any new collections in our limited edition fabrics and styles ​ ​ Shown in the photo The Rosa dress in embossed cotton with a spot design of a timeless sleeved dress, available in sizes 8 to size 14 ​ ​ Quick View Red Sheath dress with drape: Janice dress Regular Price AU$275.00 Sale Price AU$199.00 Quick View Flared dress with crescent armhole and gathered 3/4 sleeve: Lorelai Dress Price AU$229.00 Quick View Red Josie dress Regular Price AU$399.00 Sale Price AU$239.00 Quick View Apron-wrap dress with 2 option cross-over: the Vespa dress Price AU$189.00 Quick View Navy Susie dress Regular Price AU$499.00 Sale Price AU$199.00 Quick View Secured Cross-over dress with short gathered sleeve: Jennifer dress Price AU$229.00 Quick View Smart casual wide lapel shirt in linen with gathered sleeve: Tamara Top Price AU$149.00 Quick View Venice dress in colours Price AU$399.00 Quick View Linen shift-dress with side splits and v-neckline: Donna dress Price AU$199.00 Quick View Illusion wrap top with asymmetrical hemline and zipper: Aphrodite top Price AU$159.00 Quick View Sleeveless Sheath Dress with empire line:The Vienna dress Price AU$199.00 Quick View Resort Top with cap sleeves in linen Price AU$149.00 Quick View Wrap Jersey dress in the abstract navy stripe print Regular Price AU$159.00 Sale Price AU$99.00 Quick View Linen shorts with elastic: January Shorts Price AU$89.00 Quick View Sonya dress Price AU$249.00 Quick View Rosa Dress Regular Price AU$299.00 Sale Price AU$245.00 Quick View Co-ordinated evening Bag/clutch and evening Shoes; available in 18 colours Price AU$142.75 Quick View Bianca dress with slip Regular Price AU$299.00 Sale Price AU$245.00 Load More

  • Testimonials | Filomena Natale | what our Clients say about us

    TESTIMONIALS by E.T (name supplied verified customer of product shown) I have always shopped with pleasure and confidence at Filomena Natale. Whether business suits, casual wear or evening wear, the designs and cut have always been exceptional, offering something distinctive as well as practical and comfortable. Most of all I appreciate the guidance and direction given by Filomena as genuine and right. A rare and wonderful shopping experience. by S.P (name supplied verified customer of product shown) I have purchased 2 colours of the jersey wrap dresses, from Filomena Natale. I purchased the dresses for work and I can recommend the style. The size 6 fit me perfectly Filomena is very knowledgable and helpful in advising me, b oth the care and fit. by L.B (name supplied verified customer of product shown) Lovely summer dress with wonderful colours. Perfect to dress up or down. Great online service. by M.F (name supplied verified customer of product shown) I love the 3 pieces.They fit perfectly and I love the fabric especially the lining. ​ (The customer purchased the Roberta dress, the black Cambridge skirt and the Trudy jersey dress) by B.Mc (name supplied verified customer of product shown) Y es we met at your shop! My husband and I were on vacation then, I have worn my Abigail dress so much I love it! The fit is so perfect for my body I just slip it on. Ever since I wanted to get another one so finally did! I got it and is perfect! I love the material is great quality, ​ ​ (Our American customer purchased 2 Abigail skirt-dresses; one navy and one black) ​

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